Top 700 alliance looking for 2 people when new AQ starts

Haven't had to post in a recruiting thread in a while, but the burnout is real. We have two members taking a break after this AQ series ending 1/25/18 and need replacements. We are a 12.5mill alliance who runs 5x5 in AQ and tier 3-2 in AW. All the basic requirements for events, no arena events required.

130k Gold
30k battlechips
12.5k loyalty

5x5 - 108 million score, top 700 placing.
we have ran 6-6-5-5-5 and score top 400 but this is usually only during free weeks

1800 rating, we toggle between tier 3 and tier 2, we put focus on AQ first and will only spend items on wars we know we can win.

basic game requirements
must have at least 1 r4 5* and 10 r5 4*
must be uncollected
must have Line
must be able to make moves in AQ and AW in a timely manner, we all have jobs/life but we also play a game that requires attention
must donate weekly, this is a pay to play game so you must pay the piper in a timely fashion

contact me on Line or in game at MROD77 to find out more.

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