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Arenas Getting Ridiculous

As, the title says, the Featured Arena is getting ridiculous.

I have been playing the Featured Arenas for about a year now and I never had any trouble getting past the "required" 16 wins to get into normal low rank fights with my 5/50 & 4/40 4*s. I'm not even honestly trying for the Featured characters anymore, as the scores are so ridiculous (even for older characters). I'm just doing the milestones for the shards.

Now, however, with the inclusion of characters like Stark Spidey, Blade, and MODOK (I use these 3 because they are the ones I see almost every f-ing match), trying to get to that magical number is impossible and honestly just makes me want to go back to Basic Arenas, which I know I won't have a problem with.

Before you say something about how I might be a bad player or some other nonsense, let me stop you and say I'm not. It's like I said, with the inclusion of these OP characters (Stark Spidey being the overkill OP character), it's just seems pointless to even try to do these Arenas anymore. The previous Void Arena, it took me 3 f-ing days to get past 16 matches because it was always the same damn characters: 5* Awakened Medusa, Stark Spidey, and Blade in match 16 and they were always maxed ranked ones I had to fight.

My opinion is that Featured Arenas need a retool. I have 3 ideas that I think would work, but I also know that they won't be what everyone thinks should be done. I honestly don't care, as they are ideas, so here we go.

1.) Remove characters from Arenas. I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing awakened 5* Stark Spidey and Blade at maxed rank in every f-ing match past match 9. It's not even these 2, but I have seen them more than I have seen Medusa and MODOK. I have even had a match against Sentry and Void that were easier than a match with those two. The only only solution I can see is to block some characters from AI match lineups. Stark Spidey being the biggest culprit, I would be happy if I never saw him in a lineup again.

2.) Fair matches. I'm honestly tired of taking a 15k PI team against an AI opponent who is more than double that in PI past match 9. Is taking a 15k PI team against a 30 or 40k PI team fair? Answer is, no it isn't. My solution is to have the matches be balanced. You take a 15k 5* team in, you get matched with a 15k 5* team. You take a 12k 4* team in, you get matched against a 12k 4* team. Why does it take reaching a magical number of wins before you start getting matched with fair teams have to occur? Answer, it shouldn't.

3.) Remove AI 3rd Specials. Quite simply, the AIs in this game are a joke. You can know as the match progresses what type of AI you have. Be it the spammer (AIs who will spam heavies or 1st specials all the time.), the stutterers (AIs who stagger their attacks like.....this.....the.....entire.....match....), and the hoarders (AIs who will never use a special and will do every damn thing they possibly can to try and get their 3rd, even becoming heavy spammers to try and get it). There are more, but let's focus on the last one.

Over 98% of the time, during matches 10-16, I will always get the hoarder. You literally cannot get them to blow a special if they are like a sliver away from their 3rd. It doesn't matter how much you dodge, Parry, or tease, the AI will not give up and use a special if they think it's possible to get that 3rd. And with the unbalanced matches you get past match 9, letting them get their 3rd is pretty much a death sentence for that round (and if you've already lost one match, it's pretty much game over/reset wins/start the slough over again).

My solution is to remove AIs ability to use 3rds during these matches. You can fill their special bar up all you want and never need worry about hoarders again. Believe me, it is still possible for them to kill you with a second, if you mistimed a dodge (been caught by Storm's second a few times like this). It would definitely make a match less stressful if you don't have to worry about power management if you get the AI too close to their 3rd and then start trying to bait them into using their 2nd, which they refuse to do.

My personal opinion is I would like to see number 3 happen, but something seriously needs to be done. Either fix the Featured Arenas or bring out an actual 5* Basic and Featured Arena (saw this on here in another thread). I enjoy getting the 5* shards from the Featured Arena, but I'm not enjoying the pure stress that that they are causing me due to the psycho overpowered AI matches. When I can go do a Featured 3* or even a Basic 4* match and have less stress than I do a Featured 4* match, that says something.
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