**Attention Summoners**
Due to issues surrounding Defensive Tactics, points from the current matchup in Alliance Wars will be removed after the season.
War Rating will not be adjusted.*
We are reducing the minimum matchup cutoff from 5 to 4 for this season.
We will continue to monitor the impact of this decision.

A replacement for Duel Skirmish and Duel system: Training Grounds

I think its generally agreed that duels are outdated and generally disliked by the community. Although the system does have some advantages, It grants players the ability to test and train against specific champions and, for alliances, the event acts as a bit of a start up team building exercise... However, the points system are based off of fighting specific champions, which makes the community band together awkwardly to try and cherry pick the lucky lvl 1 player that popped a 4* abomination and left it at 1/1...

SO! My recommendation is to either entirely scatch the "Duel" system or to just let it retire, in favor of a new system:

Training Grounds
Training grounds would be accessible via the versus pages, along side the 1V1 arena, and maybe even replace that too? On the first page you'd select your opponent, I would prefer this to be a list of every (potentially) playable champion in the game- So even if Sentry's crystal hadn't dropped yet, you could still practice against him prior to running the monthly event. Also on this page you'd select what star value (1-6), what rank (always max level per rank) and if the awakened ability is turned on or off. This would allow scaling per hero size, 1*s would always be off, 2* at sig 1, 3* at 49, 4* at 99, 5* at 200 and 6 at...?

Having these options would let a player test the difference between a 4* R5 Magik and a 5* R3 Magik, so they might know what to expect when going up a tier in war. The next page youd choose your champion. This page would have two tabs- Choose from the champs in your roster on one tab, Or (same way as the opponents page) choose from any playable champion at any star and rank. This would be a great way to test out new champs before you pull them, and would also help the youtube community in making review videos and such. The last page before you fight would let you choose nodes/buffs/masteries for the fight. Simply skip past this page for a vanilla 'Duels' experience, or play with it if you need more practice against Bane, thorns, all or nothing, or any of the other nodes. For performance reasons, nodes could cap at a max of 5 and certain nodes might disable others (probably couldnt enable SP1 bias and all or nothing). Unlike duels, this would be an unlimited entry event. Wanna fight a 2* spider-man with unstoppable, brute force, bane and power lock until you can kill him? Sure! Give it a go!

The event for training grounds would actually run much like duel skirmish, an alliance event but updated to match modern game. Better rewards for taking on opponents of higher stars and ranks, maybe additional bonus points against "Challenge Nodes." And, while entering the Training Grounds Arena would be unlimited, while the event is up you would see a second button, such as "Event Fight! 5/5" This would be grayed out unless you had a champion from your own roster selected, and your opponent was of max rank. Similar to current duels, you could fight beyond the 0/5 by paying units for additional fights, capping out at an additional 5(?). Im sure Kabam would find a reasonable cost, but I image 5 for the first, 10 for the second, 20 and so on; Resulting in 155 units for 5 additional fights. This would allow the fights to scale against how badly you need them, and keep newer players & low member alliances from abusing the rewards obtainable at higher levels.

In general, the points would probably look something like this:
  • Featured Opponent: Magik (+50pts)
  • Challenge Node: Bane (+75pts)
  • Defeat a 1* Opponent (+5pts)
  • Defeat a 2* Opponent (+15pts)
  • Defeat a 3* Opponent (+35pts)
  • Defeat a 4* Opponent (+60pts)
  • Defeat a 5* Opponent (+115pts)
  • Defeat a 6* Opponent (+175pts)

**An important note, the Featured and Challenge points are only rewarded if the champion is defeated.** This could give us much better scaling rewards: an alliance with 25+ members around 75k might be able to achieve 13,000 points, but it would be a bigger challenge to get to 20k. Even if they fought a Featured Champion with a Challenge Node, 20 members fighting a 3* magic 5 times is only 16k points. Of course various combinations of who could take on who would add up to different points, but I've included some rough examples.
  • 2000pts = 500 PHC shards (15 members, 4 fights against any 3* opponent)
  • 5500pts = 1500 PHC shards (20 members, 5 fights against any 4* opponent)
  • 8000pts = 1000 3* shards (27 members, 5 fights against any 4* opponent)OR(25 members, 4 fights against a 3* Magik)
  • 13,000pts = 2000 3* Shards (24 members, 5 fights vs 4* Magik)
  • 20,000pts = 500 4* Shards (22 members, 5 fights vs 4* Magik with Bane)OR(30 members, 5 fights against 3* Magik with Bane)
  • 30,000pts = 1500 4* Shards (25 members, 5 fights vs 5* Magik with Bane)OR(20 members, 5 fights against 6* Magik with Bane)
  • 45,000pts = 500 5* Shards (30 members, 5 fights vs 6* Magik with Bane)
  • 55,000 = 1000 5* Shards (See Below)
  • 85,000 = 2000 5* Shards (See Below)
The two final tier rewards at 55k and 85k are something to discuss... They cannot be reached without spending units. I feel this would be fair of kabam, and in line with the way the game runs. Even a F2P player can earn 155 units a week without much effort.
-55k would require almost 45 additional Victories against a 6* Featured opponent with the challenge node, after completing 150 perfectly.
-85k would require almost 135 additional Victories against that same 6* Featured opponent with the challenge node, after completing the first 150 free duels perfectly.
Depending on the champion and the node, this could be an extreme challenge, but for 3000 possible 5* shards, I feel this is a milestone that (1) isnt a rank reward and (2) is totally achievable to the upper ranking alliances.


  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    How long did it take you because this is well done and thought out
  • I've been bouncing this idea around for a few months... But the time never seemed right. Now, with 6*s coming in, 5*s becoming the "new norm" and many other things changing, this felt possible.
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    Jtegg007 wrote: »
    I've been bouncing this idea around for a few months... But the time never seemed right. Now, with 6*s coming in, 5*s becoming the "new norm" and many other things changing, this felt possible.

    Well hope some mod or admin sees it. I like the idea
  • Boboman wrote: »
    Jtegg007 wrote: »
    I've been bouncing this idea around for a few months... But the time never seemed right. Now, with 6*s coming in, 5*s becoming the "new norm" and many other things changing, this felt possible.

    Well hope some mod or admin sees it. I like the idea

    How do I tag a mod? Lol
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 716 ★★
    idk man
  • BeatBeat Posts: 1
    Great idea, always wanted somewhere to test my skill, maybe reduce the shards for 4* and 5*, seems a bit much.
  • Beat wrote: »
    Great idea, always wanted somewhere to test my skill, maybe reduce the shards for 4* and 5*, seems a bit much.

    I can see how you might think that by glancing it over, but I think they're totally in line with what's required to get them. I think a AQ 3x5 alliance would struggle to hit the 30k mark. Compared to the updated event quest rewards and more recent calendar rewards, I think they'd be appropriate.
  • TheMaskTheMask Posts: 104
    Great idea... Bringing this post up ;)
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    I really hope they take this one seriously.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    edited January 2018
    Love This! Would love this sort of training capability, rather than the crude and sort of pointless Duels right now. But yes, make the availability limited, like duels, but you can buy more credits to train more.
  • ...If Kabam does this, who gains? The players, we gain a lot. All of what you listed, plus now with added rewards for us as well! We get to train and get better at the game, better with each character we have, better vs every character in the game as well.
    Well, yes, I can see how this looks overly bemifitial to the player. I think you're failing to take into account that the games meta and economy is currently changing, and kabam is supporting it. Rewards are slowly being addressed and brought into line for a game that has a 6* as top prize, rather than a 5. Also, we do not get to be be better against every character in game. I specifically excluded non-playable characters such as the collector.

    We also get to see if we like a champ or not before we try to get them by grinding or trying for their crystal...
    Absolutely, and this is profitable to Kabam. Character hype increases how hard people grind, and increases units spent on refreshes. With the extreme changes to featured crystals coming soon, the best crystal to pull new heros from will be the 150/300 crystals. This is also profitable to Kabam (obviously). More over (and I'm sure kabam does their research and knows this for certain) I don't believe negative character reviews stop the dedicated players from going after the champs they want. Reddit shows this frequently with posts about "I know they're **** but they're my favorite character!" When people pull Carnage or spidergwen. In my own alliance there's one person who loves rocket raccoon and went for him in the arena recently (even though they've never bothered with arena before); and another who bought Sentry's 5* featured crystal (and got him!) Even after reviewers started claiming he was ****, because this is his favorite character.

    Now, who doesn't benefit? Kabam, massively. Because of all the reasons above they would lose millions every month in income. Less revives and potions, because we are all better at the game and better prepared for each champ. Less people spending on new champs because now they have used them they don't actually want them.
    (So on and so forth)
    I absolutely disagree. First, Kabam benefits anytime units are spent. More spent now means less to pull from in times of need. The event quest would, effectively, add units to your weekly donations depending on what tier your alliance is. This is a major profit to Kabam, and for 3k 5* shards every training grounds event, this is a prize alliance leaders could justify asking their members to spend on. On the lower levels, an amazing player isn't made overnight and many players never reach the level of intercepting and clearing LoL. Adding training grounds will not enable these players to magically become uncollected. Difficult quests will still be difficult and, while being better prepared for who you're going to fight against may help, it will not grant lower lvl players the right heros or the right resources to bring their heros up higher to fighting at a new level. I don't believe this will greatly decrease the potions and revives used by begginer and intermediate level players.

    I have suggested this, but at a cost, like a premium feature.
    Looking at your post history, I'm not seeing where you suggested this. Was it a comment? None the less, I don't think that changes any of my arguments against your claims.

  • BUZZdog3000BUZZdog3000 Posts: 457 ★★
    I like this idea. I think that adding new modes are always a great idea. @Kabam Miike We need this mode along with a 5 star arena.
  • BUMP because Id appreciate mod acknowledgment =) and if its a toilet idea, it is what it is.
    @Kabam Miike
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