Censor the word “units”

Please just censor units so it cant be used in global chat anymore, recruiting or even just talking to people has become impossible because of all the scam bots


  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    Just give up on in-game chats like most players did and use Line or something. If they censor word "units", offenders will just bypass it with u n i t s or one out of hundreds of other variations of this word
  • buubuu Posts: 16
    It is easier to censor 1 word than for thousands of people having to block 5 new bots a day, and i presume chat uses same server as the fighting part, even if the bots only put 1% more strain on the servers, its worth doing something to get rid of them
  • Hi @buu ! Rest assured that while it sometimes may not feel like enough, there are filters in place as well as temporary chat bans. Our filters are constantly evolving, and while they can’t catch everything they do catch a lot! You can assist by reporting users via the chat tool in-game – and for those more severe cases, reporting via a support ticket.

    Ticket info can be found: HERE

    Reporting/blocking inside of chat can be found HERE
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