Which is better? R5 4* or R3 5*?

Cosmic_Ray13Cosmic_Ray13 Posts: 301
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Hey everyone CosmicRay here and I have a question.
I know 6* are going to be a game changer so I wanted to know if I should start rank 5ing my 4* or r3 my 5*

Just to help you guys I have a 5* Hyperion, moon knight, hulk and guillotine. None duped sadly
And I think I only have a couple of choices I'd want to make for 4* including duped Thor. Duped Yondu Unduped Stark Spidey and unduped Hyperion.

Let the polls Begin!

Which is better? R5 4* or R3 5*? 8 votes

Rank 3 5*
Random_NoobDarthmalice66InbaS_DistriX 4 votes
Rank 5 4*
Lex_Luger21 1 vote
Neither just quite the game lol
Bahamut 1 vote
2* are where its at! Rank them up!
Cosmic_Ray13puretexan_23 2 votes
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