Adrenaline: What is it, and How Does it Work?

Adrenaline is a brand new mechanic in the Contest that is only available to 6-Star Champions. After your Champion is struck by your opponent, you may be able to hit your opponent back to regain some of the health that you lost.

When you are hit by the opponent, you still take the damage as normal, but 30% of the health lost is added to your Champion’s health bar as Adrenaline. As you strike the opponent back, a portion of that Adrenaline is converted back to health. You’ll regain more health from a Heavy Attack than a Medium or Light attack, and Special attacks regain even more, with Special 3 attacks regaining you the most lost health.

But don’t be too cautious! When you have Adrenaline to convert back to health, you’ll want to be aggressive! 1.5 seconds after your champion gets hit, the available Adrenaline starts to shrink at a rate of 1.5% of your Champion’s total health per second, and the maximum amount of health you can regain reduces over time.

The amount of Adrenaline converted to Health is based on the type of attack used (Light, Medium, Heavy, Special 1, Special 2, Special 3), and is based on your Champion’s Base Attack Rating. Champions with Higher Base Attack Ratings will convert more Adrenaline to Health than those with lower Attack Ratings. This is not affected by Buffs, Critical Hits, etc.

Adrenaline is not gained through damage over time Debuffs like Bleed, Shock, etc. or any debuffs like Heal Block, or the abilities of Guillotine or Void that reverse healing. You will only gain Adrenaline when being struck by a Light, Medium, Heavy, or Special Attack, and will only regain health when striking your opponent. Adrenaline also does not count as actual Health, so even if you have Adrenaline, if your health drops to zero, the fight is lost. Adrenaline also does not interact with Masteries, Buffs, etc, so it is not affected by effects like Heal Block, but does interact with Regeneration. Any Health you Regenerate will consume Adrenaline.

This exciting new feature is sure to make your brand new 6-Star Champion stand out amongst your Roster!


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