A week's or month's notice when offers are coming

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This latest awakening bundle offer is great except some of us aren't whales and aren't stockpiling up units. Would be purchasing the 850 unit one if I had the units. I would have the units saved up for it if I knew a week or two ago it was coming.

Just some sort of notice would be nice.


  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,361 ★★★★
    Yes I spent just over 1000 units I’d been saving on crystals a week ago and now there’s this
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,398 ★★★
    They will never give us notice of a sale...people spend more real money when they are not given a heads-up to save up their units. Many "free to play" apps do this...it is almost a part of the business model for these types of games.
  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,246 ★★★★
    Savio444 wrote: »
    Yes I spent just over 1000 units I’d been saving on crystals a week ago and now there’s this

    why dont u have a savings limit for units?
  • WhatRYouWhatRYou Posts: 443
    My units stash has a minimum of 2500 units, just in case I see a wow offer!!! Never go under 2500!!
    Im passing this offer just in case you're wondering, its not for me, but see how it can benefit others!
  • Not only will they NOT give a headsup, but they usually have a less useful sale right before a great deal like this, so that when this really good deal comes out people are forced to pay $ for units since they already spent their stockpile on the unit offers that were up the last few days.

    Of course not everyone bought the spidey ultimate bundle or the shard offer, but I'm sure there were some that said "Hey this isn't a bad deal for 1000 units and this probably means we won't get another unit deal for a week or 2, so let me buy this now"
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 600
    Yeah probably never going to happen but doesn't hurt to ask right?
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704
    Buisness.... simple business.... how much notice does a shop gove you before putting stiff on sale.... hey dont but this tv now.... come back in a month wen it is half price. The only time a store tells you wat is coming is when it is a new expensive model so you come back in a month and spend even more. Even then they dun wanna risk it most of the time...
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