Dash Back Glitch

I have noticed that during fights, my champ randomly dashes back mid-combo. And I am not the only one who has had this issue, a few people in my Alliance has also experienced this glitch. It quite annoying and has led to quit a few lost fights.


  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    Same issue here
  • Same here
  • GawwwdGawwwd Posts: 4
    **** **** happened to me as well keep dashing **** back
  • GawwwdGawwwd Posts: 4
    +I got the 4 tier catalysts I meant to have and got none
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    It appears to be worse in the Michael B Jordan Challenge.. It’s happening way more often in those fights than it does in Arena..

  • B1gG4zB1gG4z Posts: 145
    Yep this is also happening to me
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    Yay! Hopefully it’s soon. It keeps costing me fights in the Challenge. And I’m not going to spend any revives for that.
  • Same lastest iOS on iPhone X. Also block and heavy are unresponsive at times
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    @HolyDirkness41 Yeah, that throws me with Iceman when I try to heavy to detonate his Frostbite charges. Specials seems kinda wonky too..
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    Maybe you just skip your fingers all across the screen.
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    @XFA_Rebooted Well... I do have sausage fingers. Lol jk
  • ColbyX85ColbyX85 Posts: 24
    edited January 2018
    I am also experiencing these bugs in the game where it won't Double Dash back or I didn't even do a double dash back or Dash back and my Champion will just fling back and forth and I didn't even touch anything to move him and it's causing big problems in the game cuz you end up getting crushed because of it because your Champion is flinging back and forth and you're not even hitting it or when you are hitting it it's not working right!? PLEASE FIX IN NEW UPDATE!!!
    Also I am experiencing this on my Android
    Samsung Note 8 for developers info hopefully to help this issue.
  • I have had this quite a bit on my oneplus 5
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    @UndeadProphet Same here. And I noticed Specials don fire off consistently. I hit the “button” and my champ either stands there and gets hit or there’s a delay long enough opponent to block and I get hit.

    I’m never one to call for this, not even after 12.0, but I fully expect some compensation for this. I used a lot of resources due to this glitches..
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    My block breaker attack keeps firing off in the middle of 5 hit combos. I'm not pressing and hold. Only very rarely does it make contact. I usually get hit with a special attack from the AI immediately, or with a light attack immediately if the opponent doesn't have a special charged up. It's killing my ability to participate in the harder content, and very troublesome in AQ.
  • PhonieStarkPhonieStark Posts: 202
    This is happening with all champs, not just particular ones. It has been going on for months.
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    Dash back glitch is getting really annoying
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    Sometimes dashes back without input and at others you can’t dash back no matter how many times you swipe.

    Glad Kabam is looking into it. I’m looking forward to having this bug fixed by February 2020.
  • javedahmed56javedahmed56 Posts: 86
    And sometimes block triggers heavy attack
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    Hopefully it’s fixed 17.1. It’s getting even more upsetting now! Especially when it’s costing me resources! I’ve now gone from “fully expecting compensation” to “fricken demanding compensation” for this sh*t.
  • Pigs will fly and bugs will get fixed
  • StarShadow7StarShadow7 Posts: 15
    Heyheyhey wrote: »
    Pigs will fly and bugs will get fixed

    Yeah. Bug is still there... Especially bad in AQ, guess since it’s a bug that forces you to spend units of you want to finish AQ, they’re in no rush to fix it.
    Also, dashing back in AQ now means “let’s perform a random medium attack instead of dodging this special”
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