Champions locked into Gold Realm after expiration

My top champions are all currently unavailable because it says they are in a quest they were last in a Heroic gold realm quest but I never completed before it expired and changed to todays and now I can't utilize them


  • TK2327TK2327 Posts: 1
    This happened too me as well, there was an update to the game. Once I updated the game my heroes where available for use.
  • TheremonTheremon Posts: 62
    Mine are locked right now, too. I guess I forgot to finish last night when I ran out of energy. I tried doing another quest in Heroic, and started today's gold quest & exited. Still locked.
  • trans1ttrans1t Posts: 1
    edited June 2017
    I have the EXACT same problem ... with the EXACT same set of circumstances ... what the heck are we supposed to do now ??? Admins ???

    How are we supposed to unlock the Champions from being "In A Quest" ???
  • Have exactly the same issue in my game also!! Anybody got an update on what's happening with this?
  • Shynight00Shynight00 Posts: 30
    You should just be able to log out and log back on to fix it.
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