5164 Prestige Adult Player Looking for North American based Ally - 3x BG, 5x5 AQ - 100M +, 1900+ AW

Looking for my forever home, with an all North American based alliance that places top 500 in AQ, 5x5 or better. A group that is not hard core like Legacy's OMNI, but still competes at a high level and achieves great rewards. Legacy if you're reading this, u be too hard core for me bro! I don't play this game for a living but enough that my family knows its important to me and it generally comes first. I'm too old for drama, but young enough to enjoy the game (think Dorky Dave). I've been an alliance leader, officer and member, all successfully. I am technically skilled playing the game (not Analyzer level at intercepting) but can definitely hold my own on any and all paths. Lastly, I say what I do and I do what I say. If this sounds like someone you want in your alliance, drop me a note on Line at bdvm.brah
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