4 *Starlord or Doc Oct both undupped or 5* Yondu

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I'm a fairly average player I'm mid level 40s. Wondering who to bring to rank 4 first my 4* Starlord or 4* Doctor Octopus(both undupped) or should I rank 2 my 5* yondu undupped ofcourse.

4 *Starlord or Doc Oct both undupped or 5* Yondu 14 votes

Starlord (undupped) r3/30
Priceless_4287 1 vote
Doctor Octopus (undupped) r2/20
Yondu (undupped) r1/25
thetaman23TeezezTortoigBuckeyeKPSac123_DOKTOROKTOPUSHammerbro_64Spurgeo14taojay1BahamutXFA_RebootedPrimeSaviour_27bazingamp 13 votes


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062
    Yondu (undupped) r1/25
    Definitely Yondu, he's still one of the better techs. Star Lord is trash without dupe. Doc Ock is also worth ranking up unduped but 5 stars are much more powerful
  • TeezezTeezez Posts: 20
    Yondu (undupped) r1/25
    Yondu now. Doc oc down the road. Starlord only if you dupe him
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