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5500 & 5400 prestige players looking for 55555 ally

Solrac_2Solrac_2 Posts: 497 ★★
I will be available after this next AQ. The other player is more flexible. We both are boss killers and can clear lanes all day in AQ and AW. We both do arena a lot, are extremely active, and are US Central Time.

What are we looking for? An ally that at least gets the t1 alpha in all events, including arenas. Would prefer minimums but as long as the milestones are hit we are fine. Strongly prefer an ally that runs 55555 and can at least rank 301-450 (if you can't hit that rank with 5x5, please don't contact me). We aren't interested in map 6. Would prefer an ally that shells in AW but that isn't a deal breaker.

My in-game: Solrac 2.0
Line: solrac2.0


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