suggestion promotion for veterans

suggestion promotion for veterans.
My suggestion of a good promotion for veteran players would be items like: rare hero rewards ticket 5 stars and generic gem and also class. It would be very interesting for Kabam to make these items available for sale, or even on event missions in the form of a prize, as the game is moving to another level.

Portuguese version:
sugestão promoção para veteranos. Minha sugestão de uma boa promoção para jogadores veteranos seria de itens como: ticket raro de rebaixamento de heróis 5 estrelas e gema genérica e também de classe. Seria muito interessante a Kabam disponibilizar estes itens para venda, ou até mesmo nas missões de evento em forma de prêmio, já que o jogo está rumando para outro patamar.


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    Seria uma boa mesmo, cada vez mais com essas mudanças os veteranos estão parando de jogar, isso seria uma forma de incentivo
  • it would be very nice seen in the difference between a new player and ours, some win 200 units and easier to catch the heroes in the arena and is a big difference in people's lives and in the game resources, there are events that they do not they get there is clear, but catching a champion in the ease of a newbie member we do not have, and every time a hero appears better, and we are falling behind, would be execelente if it had this promotion until a novice to become a veteran, and would be for we as if it were a help for those years only side of the marvel champions tournament
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