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Throughout the years, you’ve all taken part in quite a few different competitive modes within the Contest. From competing for Champions in the Arenas, to fighting alongside your Alliance to claim your ranks in Alliance Quests. Now, it is time to introduce you all to the newest competition in The Contest. Introducing, Alliance Wars: Seasons!

Seasons are a brand new feature being built on top of Alliance Wars that will measure the performance of every Alliance in the Battle Realm, and finally answer the question, which Alliance is truly the best in the game?

Seasons are extended periods of competition where your Alliance’s performance in each and every Alliance War will be measured, ranked against each other, and awarded valuable items determined by where your Alliance places at the end of the competition. Alliances will battle each other to prove their might, and to propel themselves up the Leaderboards as they reach for the best rewards that they can muster.

Seasons will turn Alliance Wars into the most competitive, and lucrative mode in the game. This is where you will go for the most valuable and sought after rewards available in The Contest, and to brawl for the title of the undisputed Top Alliance! After all, this is The Contest of Champions!

The Nitty Gritty

Let’s break this down as simple as we can. Every point your Alliance earns in Alliance Wars during the Season will be counted towards your Season Score. Then, your Alliance is placed on a live leaderboard and ranked against every other Alliance. Where you place on that leaderboard at the end of the Season will determine your Bracket, and the rewards that you receive.

Let’s start by breaking down your score. As we mentioned, every point your Alliance earns in Alliance Wars is added to your Season Score, but there’s more! For every Alliance War your Alliance wins, you will be awarded 50,000 Bonus Points on top of the points earned in that war.

Your Alliance will also receive a Score Multiplier based on your War Tier. These are the tiers that you already know (although they have been slightly altered, more on that later), and the ones that determine which Map your Alliance plays on right now. After every War, the points that are being contributed to your Season Score is the sum of the points from the War, your win bonus, multiplied by your Tier Multiplier.

For example:
Points Contributed to Season Score = (Points Won + Win Bonus) x Multiplier
(100,000 + 50,000) x 3 = 450,000 Points added to your Season Score


Remember, your multiplier is based on your Tier, and your tier is fluid. You rise and fall through tiers based on how many Alliance Wars you win or lose, and the difficulty of the matchup. If you want to rise through those tiers, you’re gonna need to try and win as many Wars as possible!

Leaderboards are a live representation of where your Alliance is currently placed in relation to every other Alliance in the Contest for that Season. Leaderboards will be divided into Brackets, and those Brackets will determine what your Alliance receives at the end of the Season, as well as what your Alliance badge is.

Take a look at the Bracket Breakdown here:


Alliance Badges? Yes! Alliances Badges! These special Badges are worn with pride by every member of your Alliance, and are visible on your Summoner Profile, your Alliance Page, and in Chat, amongst a few other places! The Badge you wear is determined by the bracket in which your Alliance is currently residing. For example, if your Alliance is currently in Bronze 1, but move up to Silver 3 after completing a war, your Alliance Badge will change from the one designated for Alliances in Bronze 1, to the one for Silver 3. When you look at another Summoner’s Profile or Alliance Page, you will see the Badge they concluded the previous season with. When viewing your own Summoner Profile or Alliance Page, you will see your current Badge that updates with your placement on the Leaderboard. There are also unique Badges for Alliances in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall in the Season.

NOTE: The Leaderboard will not be live until 1 week after the Season goes live.

The Most Valuable Items in the Game!

Like we said, this is where you will go to score yourself the rarest and most valuable items in the game! We’re talking about your go to spot for 6-Star Shards, Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments, and Tier 2 Alphas!

The rewards your Alliance receives at the end of the Season is determined by the bracket in which your Alliance places. Every Summoner in your Alliance will receive the same rewards, regardless of how many points they contributed to your Season Score. You must have participated in at least 5 wars with the Alliance you conclude the Season with in order to be eligible to receive rewards. If you leave and rejoin your Alliance, that counter resets!

Take a look at the Rewards you'll be vying for in the post below!

Undisputed Champions of the Realm!

In addition to the rewards you see above, the Top 20 Alliances will also be receiving a Rare Title: “War Elite”, but the Top Alliance will receive a Legendary Title: “War Champion”! That title will be available to every member of that Alliance, but are only equippable until the end of the following season. Think of them as Title Belts, because if you want to keep that title, you’re going to have to defend it!

Summoners will be able to keep that title forever as a trophy, but will not be able to equip it if they do not defend it!

Changes to Alliance Wars

With the addition of Seasons, we’re taking the opportunity to deliver a small update to Alliance Wars themselves. First off, we’ve broken up the top tier into 3 smaller tiers. Tier 1 will consist of the Top 0.1% of Alliances, while Tier 2 will consist of Alliances that rank in the top 0.2%-0.5%, and Tier 3 will consist of Alliances that place in the top 0.6%-1%.

So, if you log in on the first day of 17.0, and notice your Tier dropped, don’t worry! It’s just that there are now 2 more Tiers at the Top.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to give a small bump up the Alliance Wars Rewards. You’ll see them when you start matchmaking on the 31st!

The End!

We’re really excited for you and your Alliance to experience Seasons for yourself, and claim your place on the Leaderboard as you fight to be the best Alliance in The Contest of Champions!

Season 1 kicks off on February 7th when Matchmaking returns, and runs through April 3rd. There will be a short hiatus after the conclusion of Season 1 before Season 2 will begin, so we can gather feedback and data in order to improve the feature for future iterations.

Get ready Summoners! You can discuss Alliance Wars Seasons in our Discussion thread here.


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