Come Join Black Lotus


Black Lotus is nearly a 4mil rated alliance. We are currently running AQ maps 43222. We run 3bgs for AQ and finish every day with all 3 bgs at 100%. We are currently tier 9 for wars and moving up quickly. We run 2 bg wars and haven't lost since December 17th!

We would like to strengthen our roster to progress in both harder AQ maps and to 3 BG Wars.

We require use of the LINE application for communication. We assign bgs for AQ and AW and even assign paths and strategies. We all communicate with each other regarding upgrading rosters and help answer any questions we all have.

This is a friendly adult alliance that's very active. We understand that everyone has a real life, but do expect daily activity.

If you are over 100k rating and are looking for a growing alliance that is active and communicates very well, look no further.

Add Trotster on the LINE app today to apply. Hope to hear from you soon!


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