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Running Multiple teams in SQ/EQ

Hey Mods and Dev team,

This has probably been suggested before and has most likely been discussed to death, but i would like to maybe suggest being able to run multiple teams across Story and Event Quests, those with quite stacked rosters have champs that are just getting wasted because they are not viable for AQ and AW, but could be useful in Story and event quests.

What if you had 2 separate energy bars, one usable in story and one usable in events, with you guys releasing 6 stars and stacking an amazing amount of content on us, it would be great as we could clear all the modes of content using 2 separate teams.

With 6 stars coming out and 5 stars becoming more available, this just seems like another progression point.

A way for Kabam to benefit would be maybe creating an energy refill that would only fill the event quest meter and the original only being able to fill the story quest meter.


  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 5,957 ★★★★★
    I like the idea. Don't think they will do it. People could leave teams in LOL or whatever hard quest and then farm units/revives from other quests.
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 667 ★★★
    That's what happens anyway I think. Buying alliance pots is where the real money is. I'd like to see them do it even if they kept just one energy bar and made you choose where to progress more. I'd love to drop a team in a hard story map and be able to take my time.
  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 392 ★★
    @LeNoirFaineant True, it is highly unlikely and most end game players might not even need it as they have completed story. But for the majority of players, who are still progressing, this could be extremely useful. Maybe they could exclude, Rol, LOL and Rttl from this as they are fixed content similar to story and solely have that meter for limited time events.
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