Enemy use special mid combo [Under Investigation]

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I am an experienced player. Lvl 60 and uncollected. I have 100% completion of act 5 and ranked 33rd for strongest team in the UK. Play t2 aw. In short, i have played this game quite a bit.

Just recently i have noticed that enemies are managing to fire off specials in the middle of taking combos. Normally this is after they evade the third hit of your combo and then immediately launch a special attack as you try to land another light hit.

I know evade allows quick recovery and if you are too slow they can attack into you, but it seems that the evade and the special attack are almost instant. This may have happened once with a none evade champ (agent venom) too - but i cant be sure and need to experience it more.

To start off with i thought this was just me but another member of my alliance has just complained about it. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? Or got footage of it?
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    Hey OP. I let the team know that players have concerns about the AI reaction time, and they're taking a look at it. As soon as we have more information about this, we'll post an update on the forums. Thanks for hanging in there in the meantime.
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    I agree with u specials chaining and going off mid-combo
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    No footage because I’m not going to waste my time recording something Kabam refuses to acknowledge.

    I too have experienced this, specials have failed to fire on a stunned opponent just for them to use a special to counter. The AI recovery is a little insane to me and extremely unfair.

    Multiple times I have been mid combo and the enemy uses a special move, or usually 2 hits into a combo and they randomly block or use a special move to interrupt me which I can’t recover from and usually eat a combo.

    Seems like they almost want me to buy pots and revives.....

    I will get some footage
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    Thought it was just me, I’ve been so annoyed with blocks mid combo then immediate counters or specials, bugs like that are just to coin in on revives and health in quests etc 🤬
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    here is some footage
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    I hate it when I get parried mid combo. This happens when I do a M, L, L, L, M and on the last medium seems to be where the ai parries me. I can't parry in the middle of a combo that's happening to me so why can the ai?
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    @Boboman I saw that dropped block a few seconds before 1:30 mark. Right at the end you were already hitting him but he used a special?!?

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    Nice. If the bug affects kabam’s revenue, it gets fixed, but when players are at a disadvantage, it takes time to get done....
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    Nice. If the bug affects kabam’s revenue, it gets fixed, but when players are at a disadvantage, it takes time to get done....

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