Reminder about the Use of 3rd Party Software

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We would like to remind you all that the use of any 3rd Party Software or Scripts that modify or influence the game in any way is strictly prohibited in any game mode, including Story Content, Arenas, and Competitive Modes.

The use of any of these applications is a violation of our Terms of Service, and will result in varying forms of punishment. This can include, but is not limited to, temporary or permanent bans from The Contest, removal of items or Champions gained through these means, loss of access to specific game modes, loss of points and rewards in events, exemption from leaderboards, and even actions taken against your Alliance.

The use of these applications in the Arenas will result in your account losing access to all current and future arenas running for a set amount of time, or even a ban.


Using these applications in Alliance Wars can have a negative result for your entire Alliance. This can include a ban for any Summoner that makes use of these applications, as well as a loss of points from your Season Score, and a loss of War Rating, for any Alliance that exhibits the use of these applications.

Help keep The Contest an honest place. Do not use any 3rd Party Software or Scripts.
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