3rd party software !

People have been using those kind of applications for a while and specially one of them is pretty popular right now (I’m not sharing name of the applications).
I was in an alliance and couple people started to use this and they start to collect all the credits from the arenas, gold, 3*-4*-5* shared crystal and anything they can get from the arenas which mean is everything in the game.
I left that alliance because after little while almost every single summoners was using that app. Who doesn’t have enough time or cannot afford to purchase credits.
Honestly there is a lot to say about but all I can say is now they have a lot of stocks and have gotten many 5* duplicated champs.
I’ve been looking for 5* Hyperion and my last four 5* are Kamala, spider Gwen, Antman and Rhino and all of my 5* champs are almost same as them. Now I’m asking, did I make a mistake not to use it..


  • They will probably be banned at some point. Why not name the app and help speed up the process?
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 807
    All I can say is I'm hoping there's a large ban wave coming for the people breaking the rules.
  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 786
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    The last time Kabam made a statement about hacking, a huge ban wave followed it. Let's hope something similar happens, in which case you will be counting your lucky stars you didn't cheat yourself.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,086
    Pretty sure another ban wave is coming due to these events, people becoming uncollected when they're small, beating master and hacking in war.

    The alliance we just fought had someone fall into this category and they hacked their way to victory, took out boss while there were 4 linked nodes up which sucks because we would have won it if it didn't happen.
  • Interesting how my post criticizing Kabam was removed...
  • If you feel you have come across an alliance that you feel may be using cheats, please report this to our Support Team! An investigation will be undertaken to determine if it was in fact skill or cheating. If they are found to have been cheating, appropriate actions will be taken against their account(s)/alliance. Due to our privacy policy however, we will be unable to provide details to you regarding the result of the investigation. Thanks so much for helping us out by reporting any actions you see that may be a violation of our Terms of Service!
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