How to induce attack one or two?

A little advice? It seems when I battle higher level champions, the hit their third attack at 1or 2% life and I either lose or take serious damage. Any suggestions on how to get them to use the other attacks that I can block or avoid?
This has to be my biggest frustration as many times it is the only time I get hit, yet still lose. .


  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 119
    edited January 2018
    Yes. To bait them into using their special you need to not hold block. Obviously a risky strategy till you develope the reaction time, but that’s how we do it. Basically, we’re tricking the ai into thinking they can land that special. Watch Dorky Dave’s video on how to bait specials. It’s very informative. You’ll be a pro in no time. Also, remember to let them move first before jumping back. If you anticipate it and move first, they’ll hit you. Hope this helps!

  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 595
    First thing is don't push their power bar that high. Just back off hitting them for a bit and try the baiting techniques Dorky Dave shows in @Muzz 's comment. You can just stand there no blocking, give them a hit into their block or two and dash out, continually walk up and then dash evade the next attack.
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