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Graphics settings

With a quick search I couldn't find if that's been discussed before but it would be good if there was a setting to reduce or increase graphics quality or disable uneccessary things like rain, fog or other animations, that might make the game slower on some devices (*cough cough) Might help with a lot of lagging or freezing.


  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    You're not alone. Many of us have suggested it before, but I've not found the threads.
  • Plz Kabam give us an option to adjust graphics level as some users got old devices so performance issues are more bcause of high graphics
  • @kabaam , they wont. It makes em money
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132
    I agree, there should be an option to lower the graphics settings. The game is full of unnecessary particle effects (smoke, etc...) And sometimes it gets to the point that it OBSCURES your vision....VERY annoying...
  • Jonrdz1Jonrdz1 Posts: 201
    I want to enable rain and fog on my device i have a S8 + i think you only see rain and fog on Iphones
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