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Angela bugged after update??????!-Black Panther Trials

Quicksilver44Quicksilver44 Posts: 59
edited January 2018 in General Discussion
I try the expert mode with Dormammu, Captain America WWII, Archangel, Gwenpool and Angela. My opponents were Dr Voodoo, Iron Patriot and Cable. I tried to defeat Cable with my team and I couldnt, becouse he regenerate a lot of faster than I was able to hit him. So I tried to defeat him with Angela, and I couldnt becouse I she is bugged! I used 1 level 2 revive for Angela and 1 level 2 team revive and I still couldnt defeat him and in the end I quit. I would like to return to me the items I used and to give me another chance to enter Trials Of The King. Thanks!

@Kabam Miike please answer

Do you have a problem with angela?
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