Quake Heavy Charging and Parry Issues (Champs not Landing the Blows to be able to Parry).

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So as the title says when playing Quake I keep having issues where I am charging the Heavy attack and the enemy comes in to attack and she evades and then I go to Parry the next attack but it bounces off Quake (almost like she is "Unstoppable") and it does nothing (like they are hitting an invisible wall just in front of Quake so it gets no Parry and throws off the rhythm completely).

This most recently happened when fighting Unst. Colossus but it happens with other champs too on occasion. I have stopped using her quite so much as this and the lazy AI I am experiencing in Act 4 make playing her unbearable (when the lazy AI throws super slowed down combos).

Just wanted to report this as I know it is a bug. Also before you ask... no I do not, and cannot, record my screen. All I got here is my word.


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    chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    Has no one else experienced this? It has to be fairly common.. it has happened to me quite a few times.
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    Yes. Along with others, I brought it up to the mods and it was put into “under investigation” mode. Ultimately, the mods stated that the “whiff” hit by the AI was “working as intended.”

    Not sure I buy that, since a human player cannot intentionally “whiff” to avoid contact, but it is what it is.

    I’m assuming it looked something like this?


    Here’s the closed thread:

    Dr. Zola
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    chev327foxchev327fox Posts: 826 ★★
    Sorry for the late reply. Yes Dr. Zola that is it. Happens in some matches and it makes Quake useless when it happens. AS you say I do not buy that either... more likely they are having issues fixing it and just would rather move on and ignore it.

    She is exiled to Alliance War defense for me... too inconsistent with bad AI or this weird whiff issue.
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    So it’s not a bug, working as intended but only started happening recently. I did not see anything in the patch log about this being changed. It had to be a bug before when you parried, right? So why wasn’t it mentioned...

    My guess is it’s related to the general issue of champs “swinging at air”, which according to that thread wouldn’t be a bug either?
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