Alliance War Placement (repeat last war button)

I'd love to see an option to put defenders in the same position as previous war. I figured every person who ever placed defenders has asked for this, but i searched and didn't find it. Sorry if I duped.


  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 275 ★★
    You need the same players, the same map and the same heroes for this.
    And... if everything is THAT well aligned why not simply make a list of nodes and pass it to the alliance members?
    X places hero A on node 1
    Y places hero B on node 2
    Just saying...
  • HMLewisHMLewis Posts: 42
    Yeah, that's exactly how it goes for us and exactly how we do it now. Which is what we are sick of. Hence me asking for a repeat button.
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