Bait and switch. Active is now passive.

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I noticed War Machine empty the clip buffs are now bordered by the passive effect. So they no longer count toward a soul barb or spirit venom nor do they increase attack for Ronin's signature or Magiks SP3.

This would have been fine had it been that way from the start, but that is not the case; and since it wasn't, many people with larger rosters where able to 100% the challenge before the change.

Now many people who finally have a strong team to do the challenge effectively since alliance wars are down can not use the same techniques that had worked before the latest update.

This feels very kabamy in my whammy.


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    Very sneaky Kabam.

    Well i guess it is ok when content creators like Seatin eases pass War Machine in the challenge but when the mass of the players do it, KABAM! Updated!

    So those who stroll through the challenge get to keep all their rewards, right Kabam? While the rest of us have a much harder content to beat now.

    Apparently not all Wakandian Warriors are equal.
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    Well, they have to answer to it or ppl more likely gonna go nuts for it...
  • Hey All,

    I'm having the team look into this right now, but I am under the impression that the "passive border" was there even before this update. I just went into that fight with Doctor Voodoo, and Soul Venom'd them away.

    The issue that you're referring to is an issue with Mordo that we are looking into. It is a bug. Let's not jump to conclusions so quickly. We don't make changes without telling you.
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