Black Panther Trials of the King

My team consists of:
4 star Hood rank 4 level 40 duped
4 star Quake rank 4 level 40 unduped
4 star Crossbones rank 4 level 40 unduped
5 star Old Man Logan rank 2 level 35 unduped
5 star Dormammu rank 3 level 45 unduped
Do you think I can beat the expert/hardest difficulty in the Black Panther Trial of the King every day?
I can beat the 3rd difficulty with ease.
So do you guys think that based on current experience, I can beat the hardest quest of the trials everyday (the one where you get 5 star shards.


  • DhruvgDhruvg Posts: 282
    Yes you should be , and it is not necessary that these champs will help you , first check what kind of buff those champs have that day , bring champs accordingly , shouldn't be too difficult.
  • expert was not hard at all. just annoying i don't have amazing champs and all my champs are 4 star 4 40. Just watch out for deadpool. A heal blocker would be good on this quest. That crossbones will probably be your best person to use
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