Micheal B Jordan quest and auto fight

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I’m on the last act for the Micheal B Jordan quest, and auto fight decides to come on randomly during my fights causing me to lose my champs, I thought this was fixed. Getting sick and tired of this happening, feeling very angry and annoyed right now, FIX THIS FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL FFS

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    This has been happening to me too
  • Team_SlyTeam_Sly Posts: 59
    skudpuppet wrote: »
    This has been happening to me too
    I know it’s very annoying and frustrating
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    @Team_Sly, wow, last act for the Micheal B Jordan quest is a BAD place and time for that to happen. Sorry to hear that.

    I recently encountered this again too myself (I thought it was fixed) randomly in normal daily quest, which is ok for me to loose 1 champ to a lowly opponent (I wasn't even watching till my champ was K.O.'ed), but for last act for the Micheal B Jordan quest, this could mean lots of potion/revive/units unexpectedly

    it seems that this auto fight issue goes and comes, can't really tell when, seems random to me, kind of suck that even in normal manual fight mode, we need to pay extra attention in each fight to PRESENT it from automatically kicking in, in critical situation, e.g. Act 5 fighting bosses, Special quest fighting bosses, etc ...
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