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Forever loading

In addition to the last bug I mentioned, I am also having an issue with perpetual loading. The game begins loading and will not stop. It gets stuck in a loop, and the only way to get it to stop is to force close the game and restart it. It has happened after fights during the victory animation, it has happenes when finishing quests in multiple game modes and trying to return to the quests menu, AND when trying to replay, and it has happened when trying to perform the initial log in. I have also had "connection issues" everywhere. Switching from WiFi to data network does nothing to resolve this.

Samsung SM-G930V
Android 7.0


  • UPDATE This is also happening when loading AW matches and costing me precious health
  • WeaponXWeaponX Posts: 135
    edited June 2017
    Yep, experiencing the same. I start a fight and the loading icon just spins forever. Restarting the app helps for a fight or two then it happens again.

    And OF COURSE when I restart the app the fight counts as a loss and my champ starts at 50% health.

    Same BS different day...
  • Cutt3rCutt3r Posts: 3
    Same here happening with me tooo... Keeps loading anf loading
  • WeaponXWeaponX Posts: 135
    Membeh when we didn't have to deal with this constant nonsense and we could just enjoy the game? I membeh...
  • Riise81Riise81 Posts: 32
    I'm having the samd problem after most fights it freezes at the victory screen
  • WeaponX wrote: »
    Membeh when we didn't have to deal with this constant nonsense and we could just enjoy the game? I membeh...

    Pepperidge Farm remembers
  • WeaponXWeaponX Posts: 135
    edited June 2017
    In the middle of a 5.1 run and aside from the fact that the app freezes while loading every two fights (or so), it also often freezes at the KO animation and when I go back in the fight is reset with me having lost (even though the fight was won). I've had to re-do 3 fight so far. I'm wasting my boosts by having to constantly reset the app and I'm wasting revives and health potions having to do fights over and over.

    This is COMPLETE BS and the fact that no one from Kabam has chimed in on this issue yet is just ridiculous. AQ starts tonight and if we have to deal with this SH*T there as well, I'm honestly giving up on this game. It's been frustrating enough dealing with it in AW.
  • LiamSeanLiamSean Posts: 5
    Just happen to me couple of times after arena victory, not happy kabam, loosing my winning streaks because od this bug
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 148
    I can't do 5min in arena or quest without rebooting only to freeze again. It's basically a lockout.
  • CykGuitaristCykGuitarist Posts: 60
    edited June 2017
    @Kabam Miike, or @Ad0ra_ , it would be nice to have some sort of information on this (even if it is simply "we are looking into it"), just so we know the issue has been acknowledged. AQ starts in 23 minutes and this issue is costing me health in quests. It is going to get very expensive, very quickly in AQ
  • EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
    Keeps happening to me in Arena. Win the match, spinning wheel of delay that never ends.

    Galaxy S5 - newest game update forced yesterday.
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