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Making old characters viable again

Heartthrob592Heartthrob592 Posts: 10
edited February 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
First off let me say thankyou to the kabam team for updating luke cage and red hulk.

I've done some research on colossus and I can see why he's not the most valued member of the mutant class.

 His only in game buff is that he's bleed immune however,  there are some ways to make him interesting, :

There should introduce the "fracture"mechanic.  whenever he triggers an armor up from being struck by a physical attack the opponent has a passive debuff that deprives them of  their critical hits for (x) seconds

Also having studied his fighting animations he should have stun and concussion...

Imagine getting tagged by his special 2 that should stun anyone it hits.

Imagine getting dropped by his special 3 that should inflict concussion increased by the number of armor up stack he's had before activating it.

Thanks let me know what you think!

Making old characters viable again 33 votes

👎Not worth it
9% 3 votes
👍Hell yeah make our boy useful again!
66% 22 votes
👌 He's perfect as is
6% 2 votes
👐 I think kabam has it on the agenda
18% 6 votes


  • Hmm very interesting observation 🤔
  • HeroBoltsyHeroBoltsy Posts: 785 ★★★
    I think Colossus should be able to gain Fury. Increase the amount of armor he gains, give him a fury buff for every armor up he gains, and Stun and Concussion on specials would be great. Also, give him a Fastball Special synergy with Wolverine, potentially increasing Wolvie's crit rate and regen rate by a fair amount, and giving Colossus even more furies. FYI in my head these Furies would be maybe 25% ATK increase.
  • TheHoodedDormammuTheHoodedDormammu Posts: 1,448 ★★★
    pretty good but iron fist needs buffs too
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 428 ★★
    Colossus, if nothing else, should just hit like a freaking truck. If I have to add a mechanic I'd add synergy with the xmen as "Big Brother" so he gains a ton of cruelty to villains of the xmen
  • Heartthrob592Heartthrob592 Posts: 10
    edited February 2018
    Thanks for the input guys... I'll do one for iron fist too because he's one of my faves
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