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Update=New Problems/ Angela-Mordo Problems (Reuploaded)

Quicksilver44Quicksilver44 Posts: 59
edited February 2018 in General Discussion
Every update new problems come up. I was doing Trials Of Heart and my opponets were Dr Voodoo, Iron Patriot and Cable
My team was Captain America WWII, Archangel, Gwenpool, Dormammu and Angela. Becouse the regeneration of Cable was too much I decide to defeat him with Angela. Guess what...I lost! I used 1 level 2 revives and 1 level 2 team revive and I still couldnt defeat him becouse of your new problems! I quit the quest and know I cant enter again becouse I have only 1 entrance per day. So I would like to give me at least 1 level 2 revive and 1 level 2 team revive.

@Kabam Miike please response as quickly as possible.

Also can you do something about Mordo's SP2 becouse Soul Barb doesn't work?

Thanks a lot!

Do you have any problem with the 'update'?
Also why did you close the previous discussion? I believe you closed the discussion becouse you don't want us to write any problems! I am waiting for an answer!


This discussion has been closed.