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Ghost Rider or Hyperion?

I have both Ghost Rider and Hyperion. They are not awakened but I am thinking of ranking one to 4/40.
which one is better? I just got them both with in the last two weeks so not much experience playing them.


  • OsteotomeOsteotome Posts: 51
    GR is very useful in AQ and will get you through a lot of the map. I don't have Hyperion but I heard he's pretty good for offense but I've mainly seen him used as a defender. I guess it's what your roster needs ATM
  • OsteotomeOsteotome Posts: 51
    Forgot to mention you should take both to 4/40 eventually
    Osteotome wrote: »
    Forgot to mention you should take both to 4/40 eventually

    That was my thought. Hyperion for AW defense and GR for Offense. I already use GR on offense now at 3/30
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