I just had serious problems fighting Dormamu in AQ this morning. Took him on with Drax and Guillotine with his recovery time all over the map, and definitely not in my favor, then at the end of the fight I was awarded 0 points each time. On my 3rd run at him with Hawkeye I decided to record my fight to try to capture these issues (thanks Apple for finally enabling that features).

In the video you can see a normal recovery after my SP1 at 0:30 where I was time to dash back while Dorm is still getting up from being hit. But then at 0:58 you can see he's already up and attacking me with a heavy way fast than the previous special, but my reaction time to evade was the same and on top of that my champ didn't move on top of Dorm attacking alot quicker. Finally at the end you can see that even though I lost, I hit Dorm multiple times and was awarded 0 points for the fight (which happened all 3 times), and this is a serious concern for my alliance potentially not hitting milestones.

How can this be rectified, and how can my alliance get those points back? I was the first to attack Dormamu, so all the damage he had by the end of the 3 fights added 0 points to our total.


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