Active, casual, & organized seeking 150+k players for map 3-5 aq, and wars

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We are rebuilding an old alliance and seeking new players to fill in the gaps with our friendly alliance. Most in the alliance, about 10 of us have been playing together for years, and have a great relationship. Looking to add like minded individuals to the mix. us: 140-350k players, members: 16, but about 13 real letting some lower leveled players slide. Friendly active adults, doing adult stuff and playing in our free time.

You: similar, and with line. That's how we communicate. If you're antisocial or immature. Please pass, we don't need or desire drama.

In-game & Line name is the same.
Contact me at: fcknonames


  • Still looking for people
  • Still looking for people.
  • ..
  • Still seeking players that are interested.
  • We are still seeking new players. It'll be better to contact me via line as I'll be tied up outside of the game for a bit.
  • Still seeking players. We sit around 18/30 members right now. Line is still the best method of contact.
  • We are still seeking new members. Also, to clarify a recurring message. We are only open to mergers if you, and you're group of players join us as members. Everyone has a voice and it's similar to an open forum in this alliance. People in this alliance have earned officer by being level headed individuals over the course of years. To just offer someone officer is a red flag of bad managerial practices and lazy leadership. Hopefully that thought process lets people know our mindset for new members, as well as people that might wish to merge with our alliance.

    Thank you.
  • Still seeking new players.
  • Hi, are you still recruiting? Level 47. 77k rating.
    5x 4/40, skilled fighter and current alliance officer. I’ve been loyal to my alliance for ages but it’s time for me to step up.
  • Yes, we are still recruiting. Would you happen to have line?
  • We are still seeking new members. Ideally 150+ k in-game rating. We are currently at 22/30 members.
  • I'm looking for a new alliance. Laid back, active but not obsessed I I'm currently in a very inactive alliance.
  • My in game name is -Azail- 400k base hero rating😁
  • Thanks for your interest azaill. I hope you have good luck finding a new alliance.
  • We are still seeking members. We have grown from 12/13 to 22 recently with some great new members. We are still seeking at least 5 more members to establish 2 solid bgs for aq 3-5, war, and sa. Please message me on line or in game. Line is still a requirement.
  • Still seeking new players. Please contact me on line, here or in game.
  • We are an adult alliance still seeking new members. Contact me in game, or in line.
  • Still looking for new players.
  • We have room for several players yet. Please contact me through line or in game. Our Alliance tag is NQNS.
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