Rebuilding Alliance Alete!

We are rebuilding an alliance and are looking for a active players that want to grow and get better. We know this is a game and should be fun. We use line to communicate for AW and AQ. We are a no pressure alliance looking to have fun and help each other. You can contact me in game or Line. In Game name is MaximumCrash Line id is maximumcrash2. Look forward to meeting some new people and making new friends!


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    are you guys considering moving to another alliance? top players would find home in a great place. our alliance has 2.4mln rating and needs active players who want to have fun and grow. No pressure on completing all alliance events, just SA every other week and DS. we aim at maps 3 and 5 to get T4CCs.

    We could make 2 alliances, one as a training ground and the other for big rewards.
    we communicate via line as it helps a lot to complete events in time.

    one important thing to note is nobody will kick you or yell at you for trying. eagerness and good attitude towards others is what we promote with our alliance.
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