Red Hulk and Luke Cage updates

So I took LC took 4* 4/40 sig 20 and I've been testing his use in Map 3-5 AQ. First off, I'm loving it. He's now a great addition to my team. My main concern now is fighting Red Hulk with LC, I took him into AQ Map 3 and took on the second RH in the middle. Everything was going smoothly dodging his attacks and baiting and all that, but had to block a hit from RH while RH had 9 heat charges, took 3.7K damage through the block! I feel LC should be able to depress some of that damage since RH's heat charges are now classified as physical damage. Am I wrong in thinking this? I just feel like there should be some way to depress the damage taken or a way to counter it.

Let me know your thoughts


  • joedirt6969joedirt6969 Posts: 10
    I think the cool down period needs to be lowered 30+ seconds is a long time in a fight
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