Act 5 chapter 2

I like a good challenge in this game but the rewards for act 5 chapter 2 seem to be very much lackluster compared to how difficult the content is. And I know it's not supposed to be easy. But shouldn't the rewards be........ well better ?


  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,458 ★★★★
    They are only chapter rewards. Act 4 chapter rewards sucked for some of the difficult quests before they nerfed some nodes
  • spumingtonspumington Posts: 350 ★★
    You got mastery points from Act 4 though.
  • username92847username92847 Posts: 293
    I AM NOT in a hurry to go for 5.2

    NO INCENTIVE. ... I'll just wait till i get a few r3 or higher 5*s
  • Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
    @Deadbyrd9 yea true but this content is harder than RTL
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