Looking for alliance/ 2-5 spots needed


  • The top and bottom pictures are my profiles, the other is a friends.
    I may be able to get 1 or 2 more to join with a total of 1M in rating added to your alliance.
  • If there is a rating limit just let me know
  • Line ID?
  • I have Discord, not going to line. Line uses SMS. Not spending money.
  • Please someone? Lol
  • Do you communicate in game well? The majority use Line, sorry. What's your SA look like a week?
  • Actually line uses data not sms. I'm on it connected with my Facebook not my phone.
  • Contact Sonik Gold
  • If only you had line
  • What is your ingame name. We're rebuilding an alliance and we do AW/AQ/SA weekly. Ad me in game if your interested. Robert1422
  • mwothalamwothala Posts: 33
    edited February 2018
    Look up my Alliance if you're interested . We use Discord and normally do 33322 in AQ with 2 BGs.
    We have 2 free spots now (3.5M total rating), but we could be kicking some people in the near future as we're trying to have 3 active BGs.

    Ping me in Discord if you're interested and we could work something out

    Alliance name is Blackfyre

    IGN: mwothala
    Discord: mwothala#3282
  • If you have WiFi you can use line. You don't need SMS
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