Everytime Stark ends his 5 hit combo with a medium attack, he cycles through his vast arsenal, placing buffs and debuffs on himself and his opponent.
1st combo ender: Stun for 1 second.
2nd combo ender: Gain + 20% max power.
3rd combo ender: Armour break the opponent reducing armour rating by (Half of Gwenpool's SP3 one.)
4th combo ender: Power Drain 20% of the opponent's max power.
After Power Drain, STARK TECH enters cooldown for 10 seconds.

When Struck by a Critical hit
40% to Gain 1 stack of ADAPTIVE ARMOUR

When Opponent crosses a power threshold
40% to Gain 1 stack of ADAPTIVE ARMOUR.

Provides 10% Critical Resistance per stack.
Stacks upto 3 times.
Lasts until consumed.

When struck by a special attack
Consume all ADAPTIVE ARMOUR stacks.
Repair 8% of the damage done by the attack per stack consumed over 3 seconds.

SP1: Lasers
50% Block Penetration
Inflicts 2 bleeds each dealing 25% attack rating over 2.5 seconds.
Incinerates bleed immune champs for the same amount.

SP2: Inflicts Concussion, reducing enemy Ability Accuracy by 45% for 10 seconds.

SP3: Gain 3 stacks of ADPATIVE ARMOUR
If you already have 3 stacks of ADAPTIVE ARMOUR while activating their attack, Consume them to regenerate 8% of the damage done by this attack per stack.

All Special attacks instantly refresh cooldown on STARK TECH

Reading the opponents fighting style, Stark familiarises himself with his opponent's moves, granting +100% ability potency based on the combo meter of his opponent or his own.( Maxes out at 50 hits)

He the utility king of mcoc with great damage output


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