17.0.2, The worst update ever

This is really urgent, after i updated to version 17.0.2, i started the game to download the in game data, but it just won't download, it got stuck at 0 MB, then i reinstalled the game, the download got to 2 MB stopped and showed 1000 minutes left, then proceeded to 4MB, again showed 1000 minutes left and so on to 54 MB, where it got stuck, I checked my WiFi connection which is working fine and the speed is also fine, everything else is running smoothly, i can even download the game from playstore quite quickly, within a minute, but when i start the game, it just didn't proceed with the in game download and the timer goes on increasing forever, my device is ASUS K00Z, it is officially supported, and Android version is 5.0, my WiFi is working fine as i mentioned, but the download isn't proceeding, I can't even login today as i downloaded the v17.0.2 update before i logged in, the game was working fine till yesterday on version 17.0, but now I can't login and play trial of resilience, i don't wanna miss the trial of resilience or any calendar rewards, so please kabam fix it ASAP before today's trial of resilience ends, please fix it and make it working now, I hope it will be fixed today before the trial of resilience ends and i would be able to complete expert mode (as i am a high level player) and log in also. Thanks in advance


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