6560 prestige need ally

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Serious and skilled player looking for alliance

100% lab and act 5, waiting on blade rerun for r5
Prestige will go up over 7300 with or without blade

Looking for skilled and organized alliance with a focus on war. Top 20 push for the new season.

Add me on line (sob372) or in game (Terrīble One)


  • missyuamissyua Posts: 46
    Your line is is not correct..
  • ql3w62nyj203.png
    missyua wrote: »
    Your line is is not correct..

    Looks correct to me
  • missyuamissyua Posts: 46
    Tried looking you up and not found??
  • missyuamissyua Posts: 46
    missyua18 is mine, may know of an alliance for you if you havn’t found one
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    Just jumping in to say that the ID works
  • javedahmed56javedahmed56 Posts: 70
    Sent you an alliance invitation. Alliance name is Basements and tag is [Base2]. You can check our alliance. We do map 4 and map 5. We have also done map 5x5 many a times.

    Our alliance rating is 3,318,458 with 23 members. War Rating 1,198, Average Member Rating 144,280.

    My Line ID is javedahmed56
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