Champion walk right after I released block

I was running Michael B. Jordan Quest with Star Lord in path E against Black Widow.
I use to hold block when the enemy is landing a heavy attack or special, so I evade with right thumb when needed, in exactly moment when I could attack, after Black Widow' heavy attack, I release the block, and instead of he attacks, he walked right to the enemy, I couldn't do anything and she got me with a combo.
I know that seconds after we don't touch the screen the champion walk to face the opponent, but in this case I was blocking and right after I release he walked and did not respond.
I also reported in support, but want to know if anyone is having the same problem.


  • WimaksWimaks Posts: 105
    I have noticed “swipe“ is very sensitive lately. Usually you have to have a very deliberate swipe for them to move… Recently just a small twitch and my players occasionally dart back/forward so it appears they’re doing it on their own. Doesn’t explain your champ “Walking” but thought it was relevant
  • I have been having the same type of issues with Star Lord. He’s been making up his own moves in the event quests.
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