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Is Kabam having a laugh!!

I have a 2.8mill alliance and Kabam seen fit to match us up to 6 mill alliance in war, seriously there has to be a better way of matching fairly, our average is around 100k their average is over 200k. How is that a match?


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    What is your war rating? We are 12.5 million alliance and just fought a 3million alliance which must a.m. have sucked for them. I noticed that they had a higher war rating though for some reason. Could have been a rebuilding alliance though so not sure. Seems it allways have some very unbalanced fights when ever they mess with Aw
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    War rating is 881, we were around 1060 about 4 wars ago but Kabam has given us some dodgy alliances to fight, with very high player ratings. So on a bit of a slump at the min lol. There should be other factors to match making than rating.
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