who deserves 4* mystic awaken gem more among following?

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who deserves 4* mystic awaken gem more among following? 21 votes

MegaSkater67Riise81TortoigHotCarlosadqqedfyvrnameplaswhaler213colbyscipio987SoulBreaker1229Vault 10 votes
Whododo872ZzyzxGuySac123_Jim0172SpiritOfVengeanceLunchbox45TheHoodedDormammuXFA_RebootedAbdull980Kykestark666Sirius111 11 votes


  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
    Guys answer with reason pls
  • mephisto
    Mephisto. Because that incinerate man it's vicious! Also his prestige is pretty good.
  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
    But kabam now releasing incinerate immune champs. But not degen immune.
  • mephisto
    I just think that Mephisto's incinerate is better than anything Dormammu has. But you know these are your champs, rank whoever.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,022 ★★★
    Dormmmau just gets degen when a buff expires on your opponent. It’s nice but nothing special. Mephisto gets aura of incineration when blocking or being struck, granting you power gain and additional damage to your opponent. His sig also makes him immune to ability accuracy reduction. So you’ll be able to parry black widow every time for example, can come in handy against certain other champs as well.
  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
    Hmm. Still need explanation from dormammu supporter. Bcaz i c the vote is 50-50
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