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Kabam did a great job reworking Luke Cage and Red Hulk.

Share your suggestions as to how you would like the worst cosmic champions to be reworked.
Kamala Khan

Striking a dashing opponent (intercepting)
- grants a fury buff increasing attack by 20%.
- Stacks upto 3 times.
- lasts 8 seconds.

Charging heavy attacks: One at a time, refresh all active fury buffs and double their potency.This doesn't affect permanent or passive furies.

SP1: Critical Chance increases by a flat 10% per fury buff active. Removes upto 5 stacks on armour based on the number of furies active.
SP2: Stuns the opponent for 3 seconds.
SP3: Grants a permanent fury buff increasing attack by 50%. This only activates once per fight.

Gain +8% perfect block chance based on the number of furies active.

Signature Ability:

Fury Duration is increased by (8) seconds.
Charging heavy attacks: If Kamala has 3 or more furies, she has a 51% to go unstoppable while charging heavies.


Successfully avoiding a special attack grants 2 charges of pacifism.
Landing a heavy attack or getting struck by one grants a charge of pacifism.

Everything else can remain the same.


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    Has anyone got ideas for venom?
  • Venom

    Spidermen have a -50% chance to evade while facing Venom.
    Replicate chance on SP1 should be 65%
    Replicate chance on SP2 should be 85%

    Everything else is pretty much fine.

    It's Carnage who really needs a redo.
  • Carnage

    Increases base block proficiency and critical rate by a flat 10%.

    Spidermen cannot evade Carnage's Heavy and Special Attacks.

    Signature Ability max power gain bonus should be 60% instead of a measly 20%.
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