Who should I spend my generic 4* awakening gem on?

Ok these are my champs. I would like to spend it on medusa, but I want some ideas. Or should I save it for a better champ?w28q0v9duk7n.png


  • HeroBoltsyHeroBoltsy Posts: 612 ★★
    Definitely medusa out of those bunch. No one better unawakened.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,292 ★★★★
    Medusa is the best option. All the other champs you have who need the duper are already duped. You won’t be sorry
  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 258
    Thanks guys
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    edited February 2018
    If you DO NOT want to WAIT, and you MUST pick one from your existing list to use it, Medusa is the best choice per your current list. Remember beside needing to be awakened to be good, she needs the right synergy to be great. Cheers!!!

    p/s: I'm saving my generic 4* awakening for someone else. I have >75 4* champs now, and still collecting as I need more for arena purposes, about 1/3 of them are awakened, but I'll wait for a little longer for more worthy champs to use it. I don't have 4* Medusa yet although my 3* dupped max version is fun to play once awhile, love to pop one 4* open from crystal, else I would have to spend long hour grinding in March.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Question to all. I have a 4star Gweenpool and have a awaken gem.
    I also have 4star Drax. I usually run with a 5/50 duped Vision as well.
    Would I get more value to awaken with Gwenpool or Drax? I have about the same amount of sigs.

  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 258
    @Sura definitely gwenpool
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Really? I thought Drax was really good. His sig ability looks great and much better then Gwenpools.

    I thought I could do without Gwenpool awaken without she dupe her. And she is still very strong.

    But Drax with sig really can t go without.

    Hmmm,, tough decision..
  • Sac123_Sac123_ Posts: 258
    @sura drax is good duped but gp is demigod tier duped
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,765 ★★★★
  • medusa
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    Cable or Medusa.
  • colbyscipio987colbyscipio987 Posts: 1,027 ★★
    obviously medusa.
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 213
    Medusa for sure
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