5 star Quake r2 or 4 star Blade r5?

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So I just opened a 5 star crystal and got a quake which I'm pretty happy with. I have quake has a 4 star and love her unique fighting stile of getting least amount of hits possible, even though I am not very good at it. But my question is I have 3 teir 4 basic cats and all the other resources to take blade to rank 5 also have all the resources to take up quake to r2. But should I wait to get 2 more teir 4 basic and rank up blade first or just rank quake now then wait longer till I get 4 more teir 4 cats to rank up blade? Sorry if this is confusing it's kind of hard to explain.

5 star Quake r2 or 4 star Blade r5? 16 votes

Wait for 2 more Teir 4 basics for Blade r5
Mrbeast6000unknownKestrelleBullfighter77TellthemIAMSpiritOfVengeanceDeadpool_42422112vinniegainzAKTEKDrewbe14HoruseusJackbrooks2580 12 votes
R2 Quake now and wait for 4 more Teir 4 basic for blade
Elijah1929DMAN232BobomanBahamut 4 votes
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