AI Health being reset to 100% after timeout

I just fought Mordo in map 5 of AQ in a matter of seconds apart from my alliance colleague timing out. It let me join the fight normally after his 3:00 minute timer ran out, however after I completed my fight and lost Hulk Ragnarok my score from that fight was 0, and going back to the scoreboard the other ally mate who timed out lost health as normal on his Dr. Voodoo, my Hulk Ragnarok was KOed and the other ally mate scored all the points for the fight.

Could someone look into this? Seems a bit unfair that the AI is keeping full health while 2 different people in the alliance are losing health as normal business. I have a video captured through the iOS screen recording feature, let me know if I need to upload somewhere for Support Team’s review.


  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,308 ★★★★
    I guess you could say ( •_• )

    Your Alliance got ( •_•) -▪️▪️

    Mord-owned (-▪️_▪️)
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