8.5 mil T2 AW 5x5 AQ 1900 AW Rating Recruiting

8.35 mil tier 2 AW Strong But Laid Back Alliance Recruiting

About us:

We are a 8.5million alliance looking for a person to fill 1 slot. We are strong and organized but fairly laid back group who get things done. We realize there is a life outside the game and will alter our schedule at times if needed for the group during holidays or high vacation periods. Many of us are professionals and family oriented people.

We are tier 2 AW and run 5x5 in AQ. We work to get better always in AW and increase in AQ bit do not overly force prestige or expect spending of our players. No event mins are in place but we expect everyone pitch in and always hit milestones in major events.

We are not really arena focused but do have some grinders in the group. Don't not focus on arena related alliance events or require this.

- 5+ R5 champs in the roster and can put out a capable attack for AQ/AW and at least a decently strong D set up for AW
-Map 5 experience a must
- Higher level AW experience
-Strong fighter capable of competing in AW tier 2 and capable of holding a line to themselves
-Regulary completes T4B arena
- Can complete higher level content and challenge quests (Master, ROL, RTTL, Bautista Chloe, etc).

Line App and standard map 5 donations are required.

If interested I can be reached via line to discuss further and see if it's a fit. Usually will request a profile snap and roster snaps.

Line ID pumbas147


  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,207 ★★★★
    Bump still looking for one to join
  • kevkev Posts: 0

    i'm interesting, let's discuss if i'm fitted in your alliance, cant find you in line app
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,207 ★★★★
    Bump we are recruiting again. Spot for our Asia based BG but can accept others if it's a fit.
  • Ahmedsaif123123Ahmedsaif123123 Posts: 22
    Still looking?? Im interested..my prestige is 4316 atm
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,207 ★★★★
    Yes still looking. Please contact on Line if interested. ID above
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