Looking for a powerful alliance.

Hey I'm looking for a powerful alliance which is active in AW. I'm a 65k, lvl 41player.my top champs are.
5* R2-Gambit
4* R4-Black bolt
4* R3-Nightcrawler
4* R3-civil warrior
4* R3-Ghost Rider
4* R3- Hawkeye. Etc


  • VaultVault Posts: 34
    And also 5* Beast
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 428
    We are full but may have an opening soon. GTUW2 is the tag. We run 33322 and War teir 11. You can add me ezra7676 on line to discuss.
  • Justy3Justy3 Posts: 11
    We are an active ally, just starting up, play aq as much as we can, got a spot for you! The serial chillers is the name! (TSC3)
  • Come join Won't Quit. We are strong active alliance that has a lot of fun. Find me on line sactown_raider. You should fit right in
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