Who to R5?

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top 2 will be the ones i r5

Who to R5? 19 votes

Star-Lord (Duped)
vg2782EvilRazorDmack976637CypherdiousElitehunterCartoon217 6 votes
Spider-Man Stark Enhanced (Not Duped)
buffajrSKK65abhi7215AKTEKNiradBahamutDjBabuVenturaHimself2ljainD5TheGodKiller 11 votes
Wolverine (Not Duped)
SnakeEyes69 1 vote
Captain America WW2 (Duped)
Agent Venom (Duped)
Civil Warrior (Duped)
Foxhero007 1 vote


  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
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    Wolverine and Star Lord are your best bets. imo.
  • Star-Lord (Duped)
    Star lord is a killer for sure but Wolverine if you need a good regen champ for those longer quest also agent venom is good for specialties like fights with iceman, abomination, or those types on a hard quest paths.
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    Agent Venom for Abomination? you'll better use an Poison Immune for that. imo. AV is a good counter for evade champs and Ice-Man if you're lucky enough though. also his damage when duped is decent imo.
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